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24 | Apr | 2024
2:49 am


Library : A Curtain Raiser

The St. Marians are proud of their library which is a treasure trove not only of books, Study materials, Encyclopedias, Reference books but also various magazines, journals, periodicals, models, etc. it has all the material that are helpful for the comprehensive development of students and faculty members.

The school library is a spacious room, well furnished with racks and shelves full of adequate number of books. The library comprises more than five thousand books. Students are provided with periodicals and journals like Down to Earth, the Science Reporter, The Junior Science Refresher, magazines like The Week, The readers Digest, The Inspirational Quote, The Teenager and many leading dailies. In addition to these, the library is enriched with models of different scientific geography project materials, OHP folders and display charts.

As the library also serve as a reading room with proper seating arrangement. Located at a quite part of the building students as well as teachers can have easy asses there to spend time to read, reflect or collect information. A teacher assigned to take charge of the library guides them in the selection of appropriate reading material according to different age, class and preference, thereby create an aptitude for reading.

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