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19 | May | 2024
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The finer technicalities can only be explained and demonstrated by the teachers and their guidance is not only describable but an essentiality. We develop in our students' excellent accuracy, creativity, originality and analysis of different perceptions.

Physics Lab

Being in the world of measurements they deal with sharpens their mental capacity to tackle the mathematical problems and draw conclusions. The initiative, cooperativeness, participation leads them to build their career.

Chemistry Lab

The day to day observations are analyzed and observed and hence conclusions are made by themselves. The students are trained to be keen observers and acknowledged as little scientists in our labs.

Biology Lab

The life around us are closely observed with efficient guidance of the biologists in their own turn. Every one is made to feel confident with sporting and to be excellent in aesthetic presentation and visual appeal.

Computer Lab

A well set and self sufficient computer lab of the school leads our students to be acquainted with world of IT. The learning and operation of it are initiated from Std.II . The students are given ample opportunity to explore and equip themselves with various skills.

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St. Mary's School, Jajpur Road, Odisha

06726-220393 , 8763116421
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