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12 | Jul | 2024
10:29 pm


St. Mary's – Zion of Marians

St. Mary’s placed in the lap of nature’s bounty

Bowing in welcome gesture are Gulmohar and Acacias

With their arched boughs laden in bloom

Majestic Teak, Pine and Ashoka are her sentry guard.

Bedewed in the morning mist

Are her lush green lawns

Gently smothered by the pattering steps

To the chime of bells for assembly call.

Every dawn begins with hearts

Heavenward raised in earnest supplication

Mary, mother dear, enfold us your fledgling Marianets

In your mantle of tender love and care

St. Mary’s with Alumni in scores

Have spread their wings eyeing fortunes shores

Mother, watch over them from faltering ways

To values galore learned at Marian’s lore.

Bless our parents dear, guide our teachers

Train us Lord in the School of divine wisdom

To soar high with nobler aspirations

Above mundane pursuits of transitory gains.

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St. Mary's School, Jajpur Road, Odisha

06726-220393 , 8763116421
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